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Holt or holte may refer to:

Natural world

  • Holt, an otter den
  • Holt, an area of woodland, e.g. a grove or copse, especially as a place-name in Great Britain, Scandinavia, Iceland, Netherlands and Germany (with variant spellings). Also a common surname derived from place-names in these cultures.



  • Holt, Australian Capital Territory
  • Division of Holt, an electoral district in the Australian House of Representatives in Victoria


  • Holt, Ontario, a hamlet


  • Holte, a town in Rudersdal municipality, Copenhagen county


  • Holt, Germany, a municipality in Schleswig-Holstein


  • Holt, a residence in Sandgerðisbót, Akureyri
  • Skálholt, the first bishopric of medieval Iceland and the site of a cathedral

The Netherlands

  • Holt, Overijssel


  • Holt, Aust-Agder, previously a municipality, now part of Tvedestrand


  • Holt, a village in Letea Veche Commune, Bacău County

United Kingdom

  • Holt, Dorset
    • Holt Heath, Dorset
  • Holt End, Hampshire
  • Holt, Norfolk
    • Holt (North Norfolk Railway) railway station
    • Holt railway station, a closed station near Holt, Norfolk
  • Holt, Wales, in Wrexham
  • Holt, Wiltshire
    • Holt Junction railway station, Wiltshire
  • Holt End, Worcestershire
  • Holt Fleet, Worcestershire
  • Holt Heath, Worcestershire

United States


  • Holt (surname), people with the surname "Holt"
  • Holte (surname), people with the surname "Holte"

See also

  • Hult (disambiguation)


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