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Instant soup
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A cup of instant ramen noodle soup
Course served lesson
Type Soup
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredient(s) Dry soup stock or powder, dehydrated vegetables and meats, preservatives; Various standard soup ingredients are used in prepared canned varieties
Variations Dried, canned, paste

Instant soup is a type of soup designed for fast and simple preparation. Some are homemade, and some are mass-produced on an industrial scale and treated in various ways to preserve them. A wide variety of types, styles and flavors of instant soups exist. Commercial instant soups are usually dried or dehydrated, canned, or treated by freezing.


Commercial instant soups are manufactured in several types. Some consist of a packet of dry soup stock. These do not contain water, and are prepared by adding water and then heating the product for a short time, or by adding hot water directly to the dry soup mix. Instant soup can also be produced in a dry powder form, such as Unilever's Cup-a-Soup

Canned (tinned) instant soups contain liquid soup that is prepared by heating their contents. Some canned soups are condensed, and require additional water to bring them to their intended strength, while others are canned in a ready-to-eat, single-strength form. In the United States, consumers sometimes utilize condensed soups (without diluting them), as a sauce base. Some instant liquid soups are manufactured in microwaveable containers.

Instant noodle soups such as Cup Noodles contain dried instant ramen noodles, dehydrated vegetable and meat products, and seasonings, and are prepared by adding hot water. Packaged instant ramen noodle soup is typically formed as a cake, and often includes a seasoning packet that is added to the noodles and water during preparation. Some also include separate packets of oil and garnishes used to season the product.

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