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List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in Utah facts for kids

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This is a list of bridges and tunnels on the National Register of Historic Places in the U.S. state of Utah.

Name Image Built Listed Location County Type
Cable Creek Bridge Cable Creek Bridge NPS.jpg 1932 1996-02-16 Floor of the Valley Road, Zion National Park
37°16′13″N 112°56′19″W / 37.27028°N 112.93861°W / 37.27028; -112.93861 (Cable Creek Bridge)
Washington NPS Rustic
Dewey Bridge Deweybridge.jpg 1916
destroyed 2008
1984-07-12 old SR-128 over Colorado River, Dewey
38°48′43″N 109°18′9″W / 38.81194°N 109.3025°W / 38.81194; -109.3025 (Dewey Bridge)
Hurricane-LaVerkin Bridge Hurricane-LaVerkin Bridge.jpg 1908 1995-04-14 old SR-9 over Virgin River, between Hurricane and La Verkin
37°11′22″N 113°16′13″W / 37.18944°N 113.27028°W / 37.18944; -113.27028 (Hurricane-LaVerkin Bridge)
Lincoln Highway Bridge Government Creek Bridge (Lincoln Highway Bridge).jpg 1900 1975-05-21 old Lincoln Highway over Government Creek, Dugway Proving Ground
40°10′58″N 112°55′23″W / 40.18278°N 112.92306°W / 40.18278; -112.92306 (Lincoln Highway Bridge)
Murphy Trail and Bridge 1917 1988-10-07 Sidehill viaduct on Murphy Trail descending from the Island in the Sky district, Canyonlands National Park
38°20′30″N 109°52′30″W / 38.34167°N 109.875°W / 38.34167; -109.875 (Murphy Trail and Bridge)
San Juan
Rockville Bridge Rockville Bridge 1924 1995-08-04 Bridge Road over Virgin River, Rockville
37°9′30″N 113°2′16″W / 37.15833°N 113.03778°W / 37.15833; -113.03778 (Rockville Bridge)
San Rafael Bridge San Rafael Bridge 1935, 1937 1996-06-03 Buckhorn Draw Road over San Rafael River, southeast of Castle Dale
39°4′52″N 110°39′49″W / 39.08111°N 110.66361°W / 39.08111; -110.66361 (San Rafael Bridge)
Southern Pacific Railroad: Ogden-Lucin Cut-Off Trestle Lucin Cut-Off Trestle 1902–1904 1972-04-14 Lucin Cutoff over Great Salt Lake, west of Ogden
41°12′N 112°30′W / 41.2°N 112.5°W / 41.2; -112.5 (Southern Pacific Railroad: Ogden-Lucin Cut-Off Trestle)
Box Elder
Weber River Railroad Bridge Weber River Railroad Bridge 1897 2015-04-06 0.5 miles (0.80 km) west of Union Station along Exchange Rd.
41°13′N 111°59′W / 41.217°N 111.983°W / 41.217; -111.983 (Weber River Railroad Bridge)
Zion-Mount Carmel Highway Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel 1930 1987-07-07 SR-9 through Zion National Park
bridges over North Fork Virgin River, Pine Creek (twice), Co-op Creek
two tunnels, including the Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel
37°13′N 112°56′W / 37.217°N 112.933°W / 37.217; -112.933 (Zion-Mount Carmel Highway)
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