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Marjane Satrapi at the premiere of Persepolis

Marjane Satrapi (born November 22, 1969 in Rasht, Iran) is a Persian writer.

Early life

She was the only child of Marxist parents.

Satrapi studied at the Lycee Francais, the French high school in Tehran. In 1997, she immigrated to France in 1997. Then she married her husband. She returned to Iran to attend the School of Fine Arts, where she got a Master's Degree in visual communications in 1994.


Satrapi wrote a popular series of comics called Persepolis. One of these comics, Persepolis: The Story of a Child in 2003, tells about Satrapi's life, the discrimination she faced, and moving to Europe. She later wrote a sequel to Persepolis that talked about how she was treated badly for years when she went back to Iran.

The Islamic Revolution

Iran's Islamic Revolution against the Shah, the country’s dictator, started in 1979. Satrapi’s uncle was put in prison by the Shah, then murdered by people who supported the Revolution.

On, Marjane said, "I believe there are ways to solve the world's problems. Instead of putting all this money to create arms, I think countries should invest in scholarships for kids to study abroad [in other countries]. Perhaps they could become good and knowledgeable professors in their own countries. You need time for that kind of change, though."

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