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Moonrise is the second book in the Warriors: The New Prophecy series. It takes place in the same forest as the original series, but also has some mountains, woods, moorland, and the ocean.


This installment of Warriors: The New Prophecy is about the Clan cats on their way home from the Tribe of Rushing Water. There is a new prophecy they had to fulfill -- and it includes the RiverClan cat, Stormfur. They must save the Tribe from Sharptooth, the cat-eating mountain lion that has been feeding off of the tribe cats. The Tribe takes Stormfur hostage, believing he is the "silver cat that will save the Tribe." After getting Stormfur away from the hostage Tribe, the Clan cats end up going back in pity of the tribe cats. Squirrelpaw comes up with the plot of stuffing a rabbit with deathberries and leading a trail of blood to it, so that Sharptooth will eat the fresh-kill and die. But their plan backfires and Sharptooth ends up about to kill Crowpaw, when Feathertail sacrifices herself for Crowpaw and impales Sharptooth with a long rock and ends up killing him and herself.

Meanwhile, back at the Clans, the forest is being destroyed by the Twoleg monsters, and more and more of the ThunderClan cats go missing...

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