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(Reindeer Galaxy)NGC 1184
NGC 1184 (J-H-Ks composite).jpg
The Reindeer Galaxy, with NGC 1184 as principal scientific name
Observation data (J2000.0 epoch)
Right ascension 03h 16.75m 00s
Declination ±80° 47.35′ 00″
Type Spiral galaxy S0
Apparent dimensions (V) 2,8 x 0,6 arcseconds
Other designations
Reindeer Galaxy, NGC 1184, PGC 12174, UGCA 2583, IRAS 03088, MCG 13-3-2
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NGC 1184 is a galaxy spiral of class S0-to with the number 1.184 of the New General Catallogue (N.G.C.) NGC 1184 is situated in the constellation of Cefeo . It was discovered on 16 September 1787 by the astronomer germano-British William Herschel. His astronomical coordinates are α 3 h. 16 m. 45.3 s. And δ 80º N 47' 21" for the year 2000.0 This galaxy only is visible with powerful telescopes, his apparent magnitude is of +13.44 Historically, in 1801 it was included in the extinct constellation of The Reindeer when the German astronomer Bode published his catalogue Allgemeine Beschreibung und Nachweisung der Gestirne (Listing and general description of the stars).

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