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National Party of South Africa

Nasionale Party van Suid-Afrika
English name National Party
Afrikaans name Nasionale Party

Founded 2 July 1915 (1915-07-02)
Dissolved 1997
Headquarters Cape Town, Cape Province, South Africa
Ideology Afrikaner nationalism
Apartheid (until 1989)
Political position Right-wing to Far-Right

National Party of South Africa was an Afrikaner dominated white South African nationalist political party that controlled the South African government from 1948 to 1994. It was founded in 1914 by J.B.M. Hertzog as a result of disagreements between him and the leaders of the South African Party, which he then was a member of. In 1948 its leader Daniel Francois Malan became Prime Minister of South Africa, and the party began instituting apartheid in South Africa. However, apartheid was only one among a variety of issues that helped bring the National Party to power. Most people who voted for the National Party in 1948 were voting more against the previous United Party led by Jan Smuts than for Malan's National Party. This was because of Smuts's support of the United Kingdom in the Second World War, and other issues that irritated Afrikaner voters such as the poverty of Afrikaners, the competition from native Africans for jobs, the urbanization of Afrikaner towns, and the threat of communism, which the Afrikaner voters generally felt Smuts had wrongly handled and felt that the problems were partially his fault. South African President FW de Klerk, the last South African government leader to belong to the party, disbanded apartheid in the 1990s and allowed all adults of all races to vote for the first time in 1994, which resulted in the National Party being voted out of office.

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