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Substrate may mean:

  • Substrate (biology), the natural environment in which an organism lives, or the surface or medium on which an organism grows or is attached
  • Substrate (marine biology), the earthy material in the bottom of a marine habitat, like dirt, rocks, sand, or gravel
    • Substrate (aquarium), the material used in the bottom of an aquarium
  • The stratum that is covered by another geologic stratum
  • Substrate (biochemistry), a molecule an enzyme has an effect on
  • Substrate (chemistry), the catalytic material upon which chemical species react

Substrate may also mean:

  • Wafer (electronics), material upon which integrated circuits are fabricated
  • Printed circuit board (electronics), or the electrically insulating portion of a PCB structure
  • Substratum, in linguistics, a language that influences but is supplanted by a second language
  • Neural substrate, in neuroscience, the set of brain structures that underlies a specific behavior or psychological state
  • Substrate (printing), the base material to which images will be printed

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