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Empress of Maghda Kingdom
Spouse(s) Ajatashatru
Religion Buddhism

The princess Vajira, also known as Vajirakumari, was empress of Kingdom Magadha, having been the main spouse of the emperor Ajatashatru that reigned in the period 493 BC-461 BC. Mother of the successor of his husband, the emperor Udayibhadra.

Vajira was appointed princess of the Kingdom of Kosala, ancient indian kingdom. Came from a family that descended of Mathavia Videgha and was daughter of the kings Pasenadi and Mallika.



Vajira Or Vajirakumari was daughter of the main queen of Pasenadi, Mallika. According to the tradition of Pali, his mother was a beautiful daughter of the main manufacturer of garlands of Kosala. When Vajira was born, his father was apparently disappointed when hearing that the baby was a girl, but Buddha ensured him that the women sometimes are wiser than the men.


After a war between Ajatashatru and Prasenadi, in a peace treaty Prasenajit married his daughter Vajira to him. Vajira marrieged aged seventeen years old, with Ajatashatru.

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